Leaving home for a Job?

This picture shows a person with a suitcase and walking away. Their back is to the person seeing the photo

Are you facing the prospect of one partner working abroad while the other stays behind to manage family responsibilities?  Whether it’s a career opportunity too good to pass up or a necessary move for financial stability, grappling with the idea of split-family assignments can be challenging.  In episode #42 of the Holding the Fort Abroad…

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We make frequent travel work

frequent business travel unaccompanied post

A while back I asked a holding the fort mum if she would be willing to speak about her experience living outside her home country, with a partner who frequently travels. Here are her answers. Do you relate? What has it been like for you with a partner who travels a lot?  It is tough. We…

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Boost your emotions when apart

stencil.default 24 - Rhoda Bangerter

As a child growing up, we never celebrated much as a family. Birthdays yes, but not much more. I have recently been reminded that even small celebrations can boost our emotions and have a very positive impact on both our mental health and our experience of everyday life. I read an article in the Harvard…

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