Supportive services for travelling and home-based parents

Sound familiar?

«We moved, my husband jumped on a plane for work, we had three young children, all I knew was how to get to the mall»

«Until i met you, I thought I was overthinking it»

«I couldn’t cope, I thought there was something wrong with me»

«I am Mexican, married to a German who travels a lot for work, we have a two year old, I am drowning.»

«I travelled a lot throughout my son’s life, now he won’t listen to me »


Supportive Services


Having a group of people to share with is essential. It is so uplifting to listen to other people’s stories and coping strategies and to learn from each others’ experience. You are not alone!


These workshops are an opportunity for you to take time out of your busy schedule and change what is frustrating you and having a negative impact in your life. Join me for a workshop soon!


These are self-coaching workbooks you can work through at your own pace on solo parenting challenges.

Private Coaching

Don’t stay stuck any longer! Find what works for you, your family, and your partner, even if your partner is away a lot for work. Read on to see if private coaching is right for you.