#36 I don’t resent my globetrotting father – with Anaju


HTFA Episode #036, titled “Bonding across Distance: Anaju’s Tales of a Globetrotting Father”, explores how her family coped with her father’s absence through ritual, reading, and intentional time together. Anaju reflects on her dad’s efforts to stay connected despite the distance and how this unique upbringing led her to pursue a master’s in sociology. She’s now focusing on the integration of Venezuelan immigrants through language—an inspiration drawn from her own multicultural experiences.

You Will Learn:

  • Anaju’s family’s strategies to maintain connection, continuity and to foster relationships
  • The career decisions Anaju’s mother made
  • Her realization of the unusual nature of her father’s work situation during childhood
  • Instances of dealing with emotional and physical challenges in her father’s absence
  • Impact of writing as a coping mechanism
  • Anaju’s father’s efforts to engage and be present while at home
  • Family discussions on travel risks and preparation strategies
  • Seeking therapy to cope with moving at age 15. Benefits of finding a TCK-aware therapist and processing the challenges of having a highly mobile life
  • Anaju’s work with TCK training and her insights on prevention and guiding children,  Her focus on her sociology master’s concentrating on the integration of Venezuelan immigrants through Portuguese language

Rhoda Bangerter

Rhoda Bangerter is a coach who has lived abroad with a travelling husband for over 16 years. She helps home based mums and dads live an intentional life and build family togetherness even when their partner is away a lot for work.

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