An invitation to deeper inner work – with Dr Neeta Ramkumar


Dr Neeta is a US licensed psychologist living, practicing, and consulting internationally. Her online private practice includes therapy and coaching services for expats, first gens, interculturalists, digital nomads, diplomats, humanitarian workers, military veterans, third culture kids, and globally mobile folx. Her approach is integrative and humanistic, with a focus on solutions for growth and holistic wellness.

In This Episode:

  1. Emotional numbing and the wall between the partner who was away and the rest of the family.
  2. No place for stoicism!
  3. An invitation to doing deeper inner work
  4. The flip side of being strong
  5. Honoring the family system
  6. The importance of experimenting
  7. A bubble bath a day is not going to take away the loneliness
  8. Getting out of your head
  9. Preparing for a split location
  10. Recommended resources

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Hold me Tight book by Dr Sue Johnson

Self Compassion – website for Dr. Kristin Neff

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Rhoda Bangerter

Rhoda Bangerter is a coach who has lived abroad with a travelling husband for over 16 years. She helps home based mums and dads live an intentional life and build family togetherness even when their partner is away a lot for work.

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