Holding the Fort Abroad

The podcast for expats with travelling partners

SynopsisIn this episode I talk about what you can expect from this podcast and why I am doing it. Extract from the book Holding the Fort Abroad: “Holding the fort, or, in American English, holding down the fort, is an expression that means taking care of things during someone’s absence. In March 2019, as my…
Synopsis: Margaret Ghielmetti knows what it is like to be home alone when she thought she was moving abroad with her husband and not moving abroad waiting for her husband to come home. She talks about her journey from thinking she would be fine to the reality she encountered to finally being open about needing…

Welcome to Holding the Fort Abroad, the podcast for expats with travelling partners:

Holding the Fort Abroad is about sharing creative ways families have found to maintain relationships when a partner and/or parent works away from home a lot and how the non-travelling partner juggles the roles of home and their own pursuits. I interview expats who have experience, therapists and researchers and share my own tools for this life journey. Even if you don’t have a travelling partner, you will find gems in this podcast for your life.

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 “Stories help us imagine the future differently. Stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the claims of others” 

- Peter Forbes

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Download 'Living, Loving and Parenting Across the Miles'

Research-Backed Strategies When One Partner Works Away From Home. It covers:

  • Caring for you, as an individual
  • Staying connected as a couple
  • Parenting together, while physically apart
  • Reconnecting when the travelling partner returns home
  • Being prepared for emergencies
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