#9: Solo-parenting Teens – with Shellee Burroughs


Shellee Burroughs is a UK Registered Art Therapist. She has 10+ years’ experience counselling within the education sector, specialising in trauma and sexual abuse therapy.

She is an experienced child and adolescent counsellor using a range of approaches from Creative Arts and Play/Sand Tray Therapy, Child Accelerated Trauma Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Strengths Based Psychology. She also knows all about Third Culture Kids!

In this Episode

  1. Shellee’s personal and professional story. 
  2. Her main takeaways of living split location during Covid with teens 
  3. I ask Shellee if she sees any benefits to this life 
  4. What would say to a family who is about to live it or who is living? With teens? 
  5. How art therapy can help us with this lifestyle’ (even for non-artists).
  6. Shellee shares about her post it notes.
  7. A favourite resource

Resources Mentioned in Episode

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Rhoda Bangerter is a coach who has lived abroad with a travelling husband for over 16 years. She helps home based mums and dads live an intentional life and build family togetherness even when their partner is away a lot for work.

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